Green Fusion

Introducing the open source Building management system.

Services provided

Product Design
UX Design
UI Design

Digitization of sustainable buildings

I joined Green Fusion as responsible for the design of their leading product. I was in charge of leading product design for their users. We were based on a previous version that functions right, but with a lack of engagement due to a non-user-oriented design. I had a lot of room to improve, my starting point was, understanding the business goals for the first prototype, and for a middle and long term vision while understanding the limitations the company had to face.

Understanding users needs

Here is where we hit our first roadblock: converting assumptions into proven facts. UX research helped determine relevant data to be display, we talked with users, collected surveys, and refined our product concept to provide the first MVP adapted to our users needs.

Simple dashboard for complex parameters

The goal was to display complex data in an optimum user perspective, intuitively and leveling up the interface. It was clear that user experience was a core point in designing the product.
We aim to achieve the highest level of satisfaction of the users.

Technical view

I was tasked with creating a technical diagram, based on intuitive and friendly design, where all users, not only technicians could easily understand the energy flow.

All under control

We had to provide the easiest and simplest way to manage an enormous range of parameters, without losing the user-friendly layout. We provided tab navigation through different elements.