Introducing the digital world’s answer to the houskeeping business of the 21st century.

Services provided

Product Design
Brand Creation
Art Direction

Starting from scratch

I love South America, I’ve always been impressed by its traffic and the number of people that have housekeepers. During a trip to Peru in 2015, I realized a business opportunity that would bring a solution to a problem that was really clear for me. A digital platform for booking housekeeping services near you.

It was the right moment, the number of smartphone users was rapidly increasing, and some apps were revolutionizing the market.

Empowering women to develop a professional career

Solving a business problem was the core target, within the analytic process, I discovered that I could make a social impact that brings a purpose. The impact was on women workers by providing an extra income, giving the independence to manage their own work schedule, banking them for the first time, having access to microcredits.

All this contributes to an improvement in their lives, becoming professional, recognized as legal workers with the benefits they deserve.

The whole purpose of the business drove me to create a meaningful change in society.

Ignite an opportunity by putting two worlds apart in touch

My team and I redefined the future of work in Latin America by creating a marketplace that allows workers to share their skills, find customers, and get rated. Meanwhile, providing a trustworthy and fast solution to find experts for housekeeping services.

Women from all backgrounds who seek an opportunity to improve their lives while offering a professional service independently, were welcome to join the platform after an interview process.

The easiest way to book a housekeeper in the market

The core goal was to offer a complete responsive platform that can be managed from users devices. Having a complete access to recorded bookings, housekeepers profile, and a direct contact to them.

Booking in less than a minute

Based on users research, we offered to our customers a booking process in just 4 steps with no registration required, although we suggested to do it to reduce time in further visits.

Real people. Real stories.

EasyWasi users needs and desires

People with an above-average salary, used to smartphones, and never doing house tasks by themselves. After user surveys and interviews, we discover their core needs. They have an insecure perception of allowing unknown people to come into their homes. It’s hard for them to find housekeepers, normally they find them in social networks or relatives. Not all of them have the trust to give their bank account number to our system.

  • Trustworthy service provider
  • A fast and simple booking process
  • Urgent service booking
  • Diverse payment methods
Collaborative workers

Most of them were unemployed or have marginal jobs, a lot of them were spending an average of 4 to 6 hours per day in traffic. A lot of the workers came from a broken unity family, not having the time to work in a full-time job, and need time to take care of their families.

  • Easy way to find clients
  • Find closer job offers to avoid dense traffic
  • Customizable working hours

Concept, development and implement

Created a complete visual identity, found a strong mission, and started with a landing page that left a lot of room for improvement. We chose to focus on direct sales, through multiple channels simultaneously awaiting users’ data behavior.

It turned out that Facebook is the main sales channel in Peru. There was a need to create a visual identity that speaks on its own.